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Name: Contact Your Legislators Today!
Description:Please contact your legislative leaders and urge fairness and when setting human services spending targets.
Action Needed:Contact your state representative and senator today or over the weekend, and communicate the following message: “Please be fair to human services programs that impact persons with disabilities when making decisions about the state budget. I urge you to consider fair budget solutions that also include increased revenues and targeted cuts to state programs. Supports to people with disabilities have allowed them to live successfully in their communities, please provide the funding for those services that will continue these successes.”
If you don’t know who your legislators are, go to:

We know that in these challenging economic times, Minnesotans are called on to contribute something to our budget crisis and as well as give up something. But no one should be asked to give up things that make their lives possible, maintain their health, and allow them to be part of and contribute to our communities.
Please contact the state legislators listed above TODAY with the message above.

Thanks for your advocacy!
Web Link(s):Minnesota Senate Members

House Member Information 2013 - 2014

Age Group(s):All Ages
Ability:All Abilities
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